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    What are Counseling Groups?

    Groups consist of several students near the same age who share a common concern.  The counselor leads activities designed to help the children develop appropriate coping skills.  Groups meet once a week over a period of 4 to 8 weeks.  Some types of groups are:

    Divorce Groups

    Help students of divorce deal with changes in the family structure.

    Grief Groups

    Help students say good-bye to someone close to them.  Students address their sadness and learn coping skills.

    Alcoholism/Drug Abuse Groups

    Teach students about the illness of addiction and its effect on the family.  Students identify ways to survive living with addicted people.

    Social Skills Groups

    Help students find new ways to make and keep friends.

    Conflict Resolution Groups

    Teach techniques of listening, clarifying issues and planning for peaceful resolution of conflict.

    Self-Esteem Groups

    Teach students to identify their own abilities and potential.  Students learn the importance of their contribution to the school environment.

    Anger Control Groups

    Children learn how  to be proactive as opposed to reactive in their life experiences at school.