Printing Services Procedures Page

  • Printing Services Contact:

    Printing Services request communication to campuses and departments is through designated staff members from each organization. All printing requisitions must go through the contact for each campus/department. The contact is responsible for seeing that all requisitions sent for printing conform to guidelines and specifications; most communication will be through the contact. In particular, lost or urgent orders will be discussed only with the contact, campus secretary or administrator.  We will assist individuals with special request as long as the printing contact is notified.

    We ask each campus/department to notify us when designating a new contact for their location.

    Customer Guidelines:

    Printing Services provide customers with written instruction on how to complete printing requisitions. The booklet is called “Guidelines for Printing Requisitions”.   Our print request is broken down into four separate sections in the guidelines booklet.

    The guidelines booklet includes special services, department information, helpful hints and information on how to fill out a stationery request. Customers are encouraged to read and use the booklet when requesting work through Printing Services. 

    Customers are always welcome to come by, call or email our department when needing help or clarification on our services.

    Budget Code:

    Printing Services only charges back to the printing budget code for each campus/department.  Printing is charged when a request is received, not when the print request is completed and delivered.  For this reason funds must be available when requests are received. Contact Printing Services when you need assistance figuring the cost of a print request. Once a print request is processed Printing Services cannot refund any charges due to cancelation. 

    Printing Services will be glad to replace originals on orders already processed if the customer realizes the information they provided is incorrect. There will be no additional charges back to the customer if the replacement of originals is done prior to printing. Unfortunately, requests that are already printed will require additional funds for any replacement originals.

    Copyright Information:

    Keep in Mind: The adoption of a textbook or program does not automatically give permission to print. Permission to reprint is covered under the copyright conditions of each document.

    Copyright release or permission to print must accompany each order every time it is printed when the printed material is protected by copyright. Printing Services reserves the right to refuse or accept an order if, in its judgment, fulfillment of the order would violate copyright laws. 


    Printing Services uses offset printing presses to produce printed work for our customers. Therefore, we ask our customers to follow certain margin requirements when submitting originals.  Standard margins are ½ inch border margins, 3/8 inch margin on each side of the fold or cut line, and one inch margin on the left side when 3-hole punching finished work.

    Paper Types:

    Printing Services provides a large assortment of sizes, colors, and weights of paper. Call when you have special needs and require a paper we do not stock. 

    Keep in Mind: When asking for a paper type we have to order from an outside vendor we require a longer turn-around time. Therefore, we ask our customers to contact us well in advance when this type of situation arises.

    Distribution Guidelines:

    Printing Services will distribute work to campuses departments when work is completed. This is an Admin. Bldg. request only. The department requiring printed material to be sent to locations other than back to the originator can use this service. 

    The customer requesting the work will need to follow established distribution guidelines when requesting this service.

    Printing Services Terms:

    The customer can review common definitions Printing Services uses when communicating with their customers.

    Specialty Items:

    Specialty items are services the department makes available to customers that do not fall into the normal everyday printing for classroom use. Our specialty items can be used for the Alief Proud Event, campus open houses, musical programs, public relation items, and student incentives.

    The turn-around timeline for specialty items varies based on the amount of handwork and the workload of the department.

    Warehouse Forms:

    Printing Services is a vendor to the warehouse for generic forms used throughout the district. However, we do not print all of the forms available in the forms section of the warehouse catalog.   Stock is continually monitored and replenished when necessary. 

    Printing Services will not reproduce warehouse forms submitted through a print request. The print request will be returned and the customer will be asked to order the form through the warehouse.  Warehouse forms cannot be modified by the customer.  We will ask customers to notify the owner of the form when the form no longer meets their needs.

    All forms are revised and modified by the owner (Instruction, Human Resources, etc.) of the form.   Forms that are in the process of being revised will not be replenished until the new revised information is provided to Printing Services.