• Instructions on locating a daycare

    Step 1: Decide who will be transporting the baby to and from daycare.

    Step 2: Ask friends or family about daycares in the area or use the following website:


     If you use the website, select the age of your child, put in your zip code, and then under programs provided select accepts child-care subsidies. When the list comes up, contact the daycares to see if they have an open spot for your child and ask if they provide transportation to and from home – if you need it. Remember you will have to go into the daycare at least twice a week to swipe the daycare card for your child’s attendance. So don’t choose a daycare that you cannot get to.

    or use the Collaboratives for Children search engine. 


    Step 3: Pick at least 3 daycares to visit and use the Five Steps in Finding Quality Day Care and the Checklist to evaluate each daycare.

    Step 4: Again confirm with the daycare that they will accept NCI. Then complete the paperwork for the daycare (if that is the one you would like to use).

    Step 5: Bring in the information (the name of the daycare and the phone number) to Daycare Registration