Active Parenting

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    Active Parenting is taught at all elementary campuses in the Family Learning Centers.  Active Parenting will help families build skills to achieve a fuller, more satisfying family life. Written by Dr. Michael Popkin, one of the nation’s foremost experts on parenting

    education, this course teaches proven-effective approach to parenting

    that will lead to more harmony and happiness in the home. Families are taught  seven strategies for school success, along with positive discipline and

    communication techniques.


Active Parenting of Teens

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    Active Parenting of Teens is taught at all middle and high schools and a spring session is offered to all 6th grade families transitioning to middle school. Families learn skills to help turn the challenges of raising a teenager into opportunities for growth. Families learn methods of respectful discipline; skills for clear, honest communication; concrete strategies to prevent risky behavior; and how to be an encouraging parent.  Important issues such as teens online, bullying and depression are also discussed.