Grading Policy

  • Major (50%):

    • Tests: CCAs, DCAs, and Unit Tests
    • Projects: Major projects take different forms, including presentations
    • Notebooks: Summative information due at the end of the marking period


    Minor (35%) – not limited to:

    • Quizzes or notebook (quick check)
    • In-depth classwork, graded for accuracy
    • Team/Group Activities
    • Article Summaries


    Other (15%) – not limited to:

    • Completion grades
    • Homework
    • Remediation
    • Warm-ups
    • Small in-class activities
    • Exit Cards/Tickets
    • Short Quizzes


    Late Work Policy:

    • Major, Minor and Other grades:  10 points off per day late. 
    • After the 5th day, the highest a student can receive is a 50%.
    • The student has until the end of the 3 weeks cycle to turn in the assignment. 
    • At the end of the 3 weeks cycle, the assignment grade becomes a zero.
    • Make-up work cannot be done in class


    Test Policy:

    • No dropping of tests.  For example: If four tests are taken, students will keep all four test grades.
    • Reassessment: District policy states no higher than a 75% can be earned.