• Bus Riders:
    As a safety measure, a note from the parent is necessary if your child's means of getting home is changed.  Without a written note we will send your child home his/her regular way.

    District buses transport students who live more than two miles from their schools or those who live closer, but have no safe walking path (as determined by the Superintendent's office).

    A student may only ride the assigned bus and get off the bus at the stop nearest the home address unless an emergency pass has been issued by the school office.  Passes will not be issued for social visits or meetings such as visits to friends or scout meetings.  You may call transportation at 281-983-8400 if you have any questions. Click here to find bus stops by address.  


    Car Riders and Daycare Students:
    Students will enter and exit the building through the front doors.  Parents may not park their cars in the circular drive.  This is for moving traffic only.  If you need to park, please park in the visitor spaces located in the front or teacher lots.  Do not park in the red fire zones!  


    Students who walk to Miller Intermediate School need to stay on the sidewalks and enter/exit the building through the back door.  This door is located at the bus drive.


    Picking Up Students: 
    Anyone picking up a student from school must be listed on the student's registration card.  If the person picking up the student is not on the registration card, the parent or guardian must call the school advising school officials of the situation.  Parent or guardian must then send a signed, dated note identifying the person to pick your child.  The person designated to pick up your child must be prepared to show appropriate identification