• As of March 2021, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has stopped applying the 2019 public charge Final Rule to all pending citizenship applications and petitions. Public Charge will return to only examining “public cash assistance that is intended to pay for ongoing living expenses like SSI or TANF and institutionalization for long-term care at government expense.” Therefore, you and your family can apply for and accept help from programs such as SNAP, Medicaid, or other nutrition and housing assistance without fear.

    Applying for or using SNAP, WIC, or School Meals will no longer impact your ability to seek lawful residency or citizenship in the US.

    It also does not apply to refugees, asylees, many survivors of trafficking, domestic violence, or other serious crimes. It does not impact those with green cards unless they leave the U.S. for more than 180 days and seek to reenter.

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  • Assistance Resources

    Need information, assistance, resources, or guidance to meet your family needs? Find information on organozations that can help you and your family.

    ¿Necesita información, asistencia, recursos u orientación para satisfacer sus necesidades familiares? Encuentre información sobre las organizaciones que pueden ayudarle a usted y a su familia.


    Community Health Resources

    Need a checkup, physical, or access to low-cost or no-cost healthcare for you and your family? Checkout our Community Health Resources in your area.

    ¿Necesita un chequeo, físico o acceso a atención médica de bajo costo o sin costo para usted y su familia? Vea los recursos de salud de la comunidad en su área.


    District F Newsletter 

    Get up to date with what's happening in District F and tons of resources, events, and information from the Thomas Telegraph and the Office of Councilwoman Tiffany Thomas. 

    Esté al día con lo que está sucediendo en el Distrito F y toneladas de recursos, eventos e información del Thomas Telegraph y la Oficina de la Concejala Tiffany Thomas.


    Food Distribution Resources

    Locate where you can find food pantries and distributuion sites close to your community.

    Localice dónde puede encontrar despensas de alimentos y sitios de distribución cerca de su comunidad.


    Immigration Resources

    Connect with organizations and communities dedicated to providing resources and helping immgrant families.

    Conéctese con organizaciones y comunidades dedicadas a proveer recursos y ayudar a las familias inmgrantes.


    Mental Health Resources

    Need some professional mental health assistance? Maybe you just need someone to talk to. Find out what FREE mental health resources are available to you and your family here in our community.

    ¿Necesita asistencia profesional para la salud mental? Tal vez sólo necesites a alguien con quien hablar. Aqui, ecuentre qué recursos gratuitos de salud mental están disponibles para usted y su familia aquí en nuestra comunidad.


    Renters and Evictions Resources

    Here you can find links to organizations that provide assistance and relief to families in need.

    Aquí puede encontrar enlaces a organizaciones que proporcionan asistencia y alivio a las necesidades de las familias.


    Winter Storm Recovery & Relief

    Find recent community resources before, during, and after emergencies & disasters.


    Workforce & Adult Education

    Here you can find resources and links to GED & adult education and Career Training opportunities for all ages.

    Aquí puede encontrar recursos y enlaces a GED, educación para adultos, y oportunidades de entrenar pars carreras para todas las edades.


Grandfamilies Resource Hub

  • The Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center has launched a new Grandfamilies resource hub. Relatives who provide care for minor children are referred to as kinship caregivers, and grandfamilies are one of the forms of kinship caregiving. The GrandUnderstandings project provides resources to assist grandfamilies and educators. One of the resourcesSchool Family Engagement with Grandfamilies in Mind, provides research-based strategies for educators engaging grandfamilies.


    Resources for Alief ISD 

Special Family Offers