• Albright Middle School

    2016-2017 Family Engagement Policy


    Albright Middle School, in collaboration with parents/guardians and community,

    will provide an exemplary education for all students in a safe environment.


    At Albright Middle School, we believe a strong partnership between the school and home is essential if a quality educational program is to be provided for all students. We are committed to the philosophy that family engagement is integral to the success of each student. For this reason, families are actively recruited as our partners for success.


    • Teachers and staff are regularly available for parent/guardian conferences throughout the year to discuss student progress.  Conferences can be held in person or via telephone.  A varied schedule for meetings and conferences will be used in order to accommodate the needs of parents/guardians.


    • Albright Middle School will hold meetings during the school year where parents/guardians of students who are participating in the Title 1 program will have the opportunity to help review, plan or make suggestions to improve the educational program as well as have input in the Family Engagement Policy and other school policies.


    • Albright Middle School will provide on-going training, through our Family Center, to assist our parents/guardians in working effectively with their children to increase achievement.


    • Albright Middle School will continue to communicate with the parent/guardians of each student through every method available e.g.( web-site, fliers, text, and all calls).


    • Our campus web-page and school marquee will be updated to provide information to parents/guardians about activities, programs, school related information, meetings, parenting tips and suggestions. STAAR information and testing dates will also be published.


    • A School-Parent Compact is signed by the student, parent/guardian, and principal and will outline how everyone will share in the responsibility for improved student achievement.



    • Albright Middle School will provide opportunities for the participation of parents/guardians with limited English proficiency and parents/guardians with disabilities.


    • The Albright Middle School staff will work in collaboration with parents/guardians to address areas in need of improvement.


    • The school will maintain records for family engagement activities.