• Visiting School


    Please remember when visiting the school -

    All visitors must present valid photo identification when they enter a district facility and be cleared through the Raptor system before being allowed to proceed unescorted to their destination. We would like to clarify what is accepted as valid identification.

    Anyone with the following forms of identification will be processed through the Raptor system (which checks a U.S. criminal data base).  Once cleared, you will be issued a visitor’s pass and allowed to proceed to your destination.

    Driver’s license (issued by any state in the U.S.) 
    Identification card (issued by any state in the U.S.) 
    U.S. passport 
    U.S. permanent resident card (also known as a green card)

    Any visitor who has photo identification other than those listed above will be allowed to enter the facility but must be escorted to their destination by a staff member.