• Code of Conduct

    In order to ensure an effective learning environment for your child, we have established school-wide expectations for all students.  These “Guidelines for Success” will be discussed with your child every day. 



        e responsible

        emonstrate safe behavior

        nly give your best

        ive respect


    Behavior for all students will be tracked using student agendas, which will come home daily for you to review and sign.  The color coded boxes located at the top of each day will be marked if a student does not meet an expectation set forth in the guidelines.  Teachers and staff will use the letters B, D, O, or G to indicate the nature of the infraction, and will then use these marks to determine the student’s daily behavior grade according to the following criteria:


    Targeted Behavior Marks







    Be responsible

    Demonstrate safe behavior

    Only Give Your Best 

    Give Respect
    dress mode hitting/kicking others off-task inappropriate . Lang
    homework  running  chewing gum   disrespectful to others
    signed agenda throwing objects not following directions bullying
    supplies hallway no pass    



    E=Excellent 0-1 marks

    S= Satisfactory 2 marks

    N= Needs Improvement 3 marks

    U=Unsatisfactory 4-5 marks



    Thank you for your continued support of our efforts to ensure student success.