• Uniform Standard of Dress



             Tops:  Any solid color...no stripes, plaids, prints, emblems, or writing.
               Bottoms:  Navy, khaki or black
               Students may not wear the same colored top and bottom.
               Tiger T-shirt with jeans on Fridays only.



              Shirts may be long or short sleeved and must have a collar.
               Turtlenecks are acceptable as collared shirts.
               Oxford style shirts are also accepted.
               Bottoms must be fitted (not baggy) and worn at the waist.
               Sweat or athletic style pants are not acceptable.
               Belts must be worn if the garment has belt loops.
               Shorts, slacks, skirts, and skorts are acceptable.
               Girls may wear jumper dresses of solid navy, black or khaki.
               Denim will not be allowed. No Jeans except on Fridays.



              Sweaters must be a solid color. Cardigan, pullover, or v-neck styles are all acceptable if worn near
              waist and with a collared solid color shirt underneath.
              Sweatshirts must also be solid color and of lengths near the waist.
              Socks must be any solid color.
              A solid white t-shirt with no writing, graphics or pictures may be worn under any collared shirt.


    Wednesday College Spirit Days

             On Wednesdays, student are encouraged to demonstrate college pride. Hicks students may wear
             college t-shirts from the college of their choice with their uniform pants. Jeans may not be worn.


    Friday School Spirit Days

    On Fridays, students are encouraged to demonstrate school pride. Hicks school t-shirts may be worn
    with jeans, denim skirts, shorts or jumpers... Fridays only!                                                                                
    Students not wearing school colors need to be in regular uniform dress.

    The Shared Decision Council selected a basic uniform so that parents could shop at the store of their choice. Target, Wal Mart, J.C. Penney's, Academy, The Uniform Store and many other stores will have most of the uniform pieces.

    With parent support, we are hopeful that the standard mode of dress will enhance the learning environment for all of our students. Please feel free to call 281-983-8040 if you have any questions.