• Personnel

    Director of Construction & Facilities:  Mr. Glenn Jarrett

    Project Manager Of Construction & Facilities : Mr. Jesse Gonzalez
    Address: 12135 High Star, Houston, TX 77072

    Mailing Address: P.O. Box 68, Alief, TX 77411

    Key Responsibilities

    1. Continually demonstrate the District's interest and concern for obtaining well constructed facilities.

    2. Provide leadership to ensure effective and efficient expenditure of construction funds.

    3. Annually update the manual for Design and Construction Guidelines for School Plant Facilities.

    4.Work together in the preparation of drawings, etc. for each development stage of the project.

    5. Participates in the prequalification process for architects, engineers, contractors and construction superintendents on construction projects.

    6. Coordinates and approves the planning and construction of the project with the AISD administrator for that facility.

    7.Expedites documentation and completion of punch list items for building final completion.

    8. Contacts contractors involved in correcting items under warranty and verifies that the acceptable corrections or repairs are made.

    9.Verifies that all items noted for correction on the one-year warranty report are carried through to a final acceptable conclusion. 

    10.At the end of the one-year warranty period, notifies the Maintenance Services Department they are now responsibility for interfacing with the campus administrators for issues and repairs relating to building maintenance.

    11.Responsible for the District Plan Room located in the Maintenance Building adjacent to the Director of Construction & Facilities office.  The Plan Room is the archive for all construction drawings, specifications, close-out documents, record drawings, project  files, etc. for all of the District's Facilities.