Homeless Program Transportation


    Alief ISD Special Transportation is committed to providing safe and timely transportation for your child. Together with your assistance and cooperation, we can make this happen. We have developed a list of policies and procedures that will allow us to deliver safe, prompt, and courteous service.

    1.  Please have your child ready at the scheduled pick-up time. The driver will not sound the horn since this may disturb the neighborhood. If your child (ren) is/are not ready, the driver will assume that they are not going to school and will leave after three (3) minutes. Drivers will not return to your residence once they have left your location. If the driver is expected to be more than ten (10) minutes late, you will be notified of the change. If your child (ren) is/are going to be absent, you choose to drive your child to school, or you have your child remain at home, for AM transportation, please notify Alief ISD Special Transportation at 281-983-8490 and press one (1) the night before or 30 minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time.

           a.  For example, if your child's schedule is for a 6:50 AM pick-up, the driver will wait for an additional 2 minutes until 6:52 AM. If the driver arrives early at 6:45 AM, they will still wait  until 6:52 AM. 

    2.  Transportation services will be discontinued after three (3) consecutive days of a “no-show” without calling. Transportation can be reinstated after parents contact Alief ISD Homeless Liaison. Please ask for Ana Garcia at 281-498-8110 ext. 29072. Please note it may take up to 7 - 10 business days to reinstate transportation services. 

    3.  For the safety of the driver and students, it is expected that each student behave in an appropriate manner on the vehicle. No eating, drinking, or loud music (singing, radio/phone, if phones are being used for music earpieces need to be worn) on the bus at any time.

    4.  Once a schedule has been set, it may not be altered through the driver. Please communicate any permanent changes to the district by calling Sonia Harris at 281-498-8110 ext 29072 and notifying the school registrar. Changes can only be made with the district’s direction. Please notify the district immediately of any address/phone number changes.


    Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.


    Thank you,


    Homeless Program Route Coordinator

    Alief ISD

    281-498-8110 ext. 29903