Sick Leave Bank (SLB)

  • Purpose of SLB

    To provide additional sick leave days to members of the Bank in the event of an unexpected extended major physical or mental disability that must be a life-threatening or catastrophic injury/illness.

    • Days may be requested only after the member has exhausted all accrued state and local sick leave days.
    • The illness or injury will qualify only if it is an unexpected extension of a temporary disability leave as verified by a physician.
    • Employee is not receiving supplemental disability payments

    Definition of Sick Leave Days: Days granted to a member who is unable to perform the duties of his/her position due to an unexpected life-threatening or catastrophic injury or illness.


    How to Apply

    1. Employee must complete a SLB Request Form
        a. Must be a member of the SLB
    2. Employee's doctor must complete a SLB Physician Form
        a. Physician signature and/or stamp is required
    3. Submit both forms to Risk Management

    Once all the documents are received, the SLB Committee will make a decision within three business days and you will be notified through postal mail of the decision.


  • After joining, when may I apply for grants of leave from the Bank?

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    Members will be eligible to apply for days from the Bank after expiration of the first 20 consecutive working days of an absence for which sick leave benefits are requested. Before days will be granted, all of the member’s accumulated sick leave must be used.

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  • Am I required to re-enroll every year if I am already a member of the Bank?

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    No. You maintain your membership in the Bank as long as you are an Alief ISD employee and your status is VESTED.

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  • Do I have to contribute additional days to the Bank to maintain my membership?

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    Eligible employees electing to join the Bank will initially have two days of sick leave deducted from their sick leave balance and donated to the Bank. Bank members DO NOT have to contribute anymore days, unless the bank falls below 300 days.

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  • How do I join the Bank?

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    Open enrollment for the Bank begins the last two weeks of October each year. Go to the Sick Leave Bank website complete the application when available.

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  • If I decide to leave the Bank, may I get my donated sick days back?

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    No. All initial donations contributed to the Bank are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

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  • Is there a pre-existing medical clause?

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    For new members, disabilities incurred on or after November 1st will be considered eligible for the Sick leave Bank. Disabilities sustained prior to November 1st, will be excluded for one year.

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  • Why is the Sick Leave Bank (the Bank) a good benefit for employees?

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    The Bank provides paid sick leave to qualifying members who are medically certified as unable to perform the duties of their jobs as a result of a personal illness, injury, accident, disability, medical condition, or quarantine and who have exhausted all their personal annual, compensatory, and sick leave balances that must is life-threatening or catastrophic injury/illness.

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