Core Values (E-CHIP)

  • Core Values: 

    • Together, we will form connections to foster team spirit within our community by building relationships in order to achieve our “One Team, One Goal, One Youngblood”. 
    • We believe good leaders should exhibit characteristics such as empathy, honesty, and trustworthiness. We believe a good leader should positively influence the growth in others through empowerment and motivation. 
    • We will consistently establish norms and routines for a collaborative community and environment with cohesiveness and exceptional teamwork. 
    • We will work together to plan, produce, create and implement policies and procedures to ensure student success, increase accountability, and provide a safe environment. 




  • Mission Statement: 

    The students of Youngblood are our highest priority.  We believe Youngblood must possess a warm, caring, positive environment, where students love learning and will learn to set goals and achieve those goals.  Youngblood must be a place where individual learning styles are recognized, where teachers teach, and where students learn in a safe environment. 





    Vision Statement:  

    We are consistently growing tomorrow’s leaders to inspire forward thinking with a growth mindset with a focus on engaging all stakeholders.


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