• Arrival begins at 7:50 am daily. We will unload students from cars from 7:50 am until 8:15 am.

    If you are not here in the arrival line by 8:15 am to be unloaded, your child is now considered late/tardy and will need to be taken to the Bellaire entrance, walked into the building by you, and signed in with the front office.

    In order to avoid having to do this, make sure your child is here before 8:15 am each day.

    When students are late, they miss out on valuable instruction in their classrooms.


  • For dismissal, we will begin loading students into cars at 3:40 pm and will finish at 4:10 pm.

    If you arrive after 4:10 pm, you will need to come to the Bellaire side, park your car, bring your state-issued ID and your Car Rider Pro tag into the building, and sign out your child.