About Family and Community Engagement

  • Welcome Alief families.  Alief's Family and Community Engagement Program is excited to partner with you in the success of your children. We have shifted from parental involvement to FAMILY ENGAGEMENT by rolling out our FAME Initiative – Families Actively and Meaningfully Engaged.

    In Alief, we believe that parents are partners with teachers and staff in the education of their children and that family engagement and empowerment are essential at all levels throughout the school district. Everyone gains if school and home work together to promote high achievement by our children. 

    We invite our Alief families and community members to climb aboard and engage in our schools as we partner together to ensure the success of all students.

    Family and Community Engagement Goals

    Action Items for Parents

    Elementos de acción para los padres



    Students whose families are engaged in their education in some way:

    - Earn higher grades and test scores

    - Are less likely to be retained a grade

    - Are more apt to have an accurate diagnosis for educational placement in classes

    - Attend school regularly

    - Like school and adapt well to it

    - Have better social skills

    - Have fewer negative behavior reports, and

    - Graduate and go on to post-secondary education

    A New Wave of Evidence: The Impact of School, Family and Community Connections on Student Achievement (Henderson & Mapp, 2002)


  • Welcoming, Engaging, Informing, Equipping, Families and Community members actively partner with Alief educators in the success of all Alief students.

Core Values

  • Respectful and trusting relationships

    Collaborative Partnerships

    Celebration and education of diversity

    Strong capacity and efficacy of educators and families


  • Alief ISD will establish meaningful and effective partnerships with all family and community members by providing a welcoming environment that allows for meaningful engagement; providing equitable opportunities that inform and equip all Alief families and by creating viable partnerships between schools and families that ensure the success of all Alief students.