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  • LINCspring Learning is here! This new platform includes opportunities for professional learning that are focused on designing student-centered learning experiences. Teachers and instructional staff will select & complete course cycles based on recommended playlists, proficiency levels, and interest. 

    You may earn seven (7) hours of district professional development credit through LINCspring in four simple steps! See below for details. 

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Start Here: Self-Guided Onboarding

  • There is so much to explore in LINCspring! The slide deck below (Alief ISD LINCspring Learner Onboarding) will give you an opportunity to learn about the purpose behind LINCspring, explore the features of the LINCspring professional learning platform, and guide you through starting your first LINCspring learning cycle.

    Take about half an hour to explore the slide deck below and start working in LINCspring:

    1. Welcome to LINCspring 
      Learn about who LINC is and what's ahead.
    2. Why LINC and LINCspring? 
      Classroom embedded professional learning.
    3. LINCspring Cycle Overview 
      Understand the purpose of each key piece of a LINCspring cycle. 
    4. Other Features in LINCspring 
      Take a tour of what the LINCspring platform has to offer you- including your portfolio, playlists, and access to coach support. Keep this page open, and in a different tab or window, log in to your LINCspring account to follow along. Look for the LINCspring icon in your AliefHUB! Your account has already been created for you!
    5. Get Started 
      Now that you've logged in and have been introduced to the purpose and platform, it's time to get started on your first cycle!

Up Next: Complete LINCspring Cycles

  • Once you have completed the Self-Guided Onboarding experience, jump into LINCspring and work to complete the three (3) cycles in the Alief ISD Foundational Playlist:

    • Planning For High Quality Blended Learning (formerly Building A PAACC Mindset)
    • Unpacking Standards for Acceleration (updated 9/15/2021)
    • Blended Learning - The Why & The What

    Remember that you can work on these cycles at your own pace, and they do not have to be completed all at one time. Simply click on "Playlists" on the left side of your LINCspring dashboard to get started.

    Playlists are on the menu


    Completion of onboarding and the Alief ISD Foundational Playlist by February 28, 2023 earns teachers and staff seven (7) hours of district professional development credit for the 2022-2023 school year.

    Note: Professional development credit for the completion of the Foundational Playlist will be posted by the end of the month following playlist completion.

  • Launch LINCspring via the AliefHUB!

    Login to LINCspring via the AliefHUB!

    Simply search for the LINCspring app in the AliefHUB!


    Login on the LINCspring Website

    LINCspring Website

    Click on the "Sign in with ClassLink" button to login with your AliefHUB credentials.

  • Need Support or Virtual Coaching? LINCspring and Alief are here to help!

    Having trouble accessing LINCspring?
    Review the "How to Log Into LINCspring" section above.

    If the LINCspring app is not available on your AliefHUB dashboard or you receive an error message when attempting to login, please report the issue here

    For support once logged in to LINCspring:

    Need Support Button

    Click on the "Need Support? Message our team!" button in the lower right corner of your LINCspring dashboard.


    LINCspring Coaches

    You may also correspond with LINC coaches within LINC cycles by clicking on their picture.