Free One-Day Conference for Parents and Students

  • Adult with kids playing board game


    The Family and Community Engagement program (FACE) cordially invites all families and community members to its annual Family U Conference, Homecoming - Together Again, March 3-4 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. virtually
    online at

    This year’s two-day event will focus on welcoming families into an engaging environment where families leave informed and equipped with new resources.

    According to the coordinator of the FACE program, Shanceler Terry, our annual conference “will be just as engaging and impactful as our in-person conference. More than ever families are looking for resources to strengthen their
    children academically and emotionally, as well as resources to strengthen themselves as parents.” Our desire is to partner with our Alief families and as they engage within our schools they will leave feeling equipped and  empowered.”

    The 2022 Family U Conference will include up to 14 sessions with topics for families who have children in all grade levels. This year’s guest speaker, Jonathan Sprinkles will encourage families to reconnect to their “why”.

    Family U offers a variety of sessions from parenting during a pandemic, college & career readiness options, how to secure medical insurance for your children, family nutrition and wellness, filing annual taxes and more. Along with very informative sessions, there will be performances featuring special student groups from across the district.

    Eduardo Perez, an Alief parent who has attended and enjoyed the conference, describes how it impacted his family. “Family U helps us as parents become stronger. The conference helps us help our children to advance academically and emotionally. We learn how to better love our children and it creates unity among all families in Alief.”


    Save the Date version of the Virtual Family U Conference Flyer