Innovative Interactive Thematic Experiences Only in Alief ISD


    Alief ISD is investing in a new way to Pre-K by creating innovative experiences for Pre-Kindergarten children that takes learning beyond the four walls of the classroom!

    The new Innovative Interactive FULL-Day Pre-K program provides hands-on, immersive, purposeful and playful experiences that build important background knowledge and vocabulary necessary for Kindergarten readiness, as well as future educational success.

    Centered on the research that children learn best through active, exploratory experiences, every Pre-Kindergarten Alief ISD student will experience 12 distinct learning environments throughout the school year including: Tinker Town, Hidden Forces, Our Community, Going Places, Farm to Table, Pet Vet, Digging Dinos, Wild World, International District, Space City, Healthy Me and Gulf Coast.


    Voyages - Tinker Town, Hidden Forces, Our Community and Going Places


    It isn’t always the destination that’s truly transformative. The Voyages Neighborhood is meant to help children embrace the things learned along the journey. Teachers help enlighten children that everything from preparation and planning to the way you get to where you are going are just as exciting as the end result.

    • TINKER TOWN - In Tinker Town, it is clear that this is a place of activity and progress. Students learn STEM fundamentals such as construction machinery, tools, Legos, robotics and architecture.
    • HIDDEN FORCES - The dynamic forces of nature shape and inspire our youngest learners’ imaginations. In Hidden Forces, science and technology, weather, communications, forces and motion take center stage.
    • OUR COMMUNITY - Pre-K students learn that we are at our best when we care for one another. In Our Community, they learn the importance of community helpers, neighborhood places and jobs.
    • GOING PLACES - There is a big world out there, waiting to be experienced. In the Going Places interactive classroom, Pre-K students investigate transportation by land and sea, travel experiences, journeys and maps.


    Inquiry - Farm to Table, Pet Vet, Digging Dinos and Wild World


    The confidence to ask questions and to delve into the unseen can be fostered. The Inquiry Neighborhood is built to bring out the urge to investigate, to dig into new experiences and expand knowledge. Teachers encourage children to speak about what they see and examine what they find in order to enhance learning.

    • FARM TO TABLE - In Farm to Table, students will explore different food sources and investigate the process involved in getting food from farms to markets and our homes.
    • PET VET - Students learn what it means in Pet Vet to make your furry friend a part of your family through an interactive vet clinic and home experience.
    • DIGGING DINOS - Through dress-up, imitation and uncovering fossils, students get to look in the past, digging fossils, bones, using tools and exploring life science.
    • WILD WORLD - Wild World gives students the opportunities to investigate creatures from all across the planet. Learning about animals, life cycles and habitats are all a part of the experience.


    Discovery - International District, Space City, Healthy Me and Gulf Coast


    The action of discovering requires trying something new, making yourself vulnerable and jumping into the unknown. The Discovery Neighborhood seeks to make it tantalizing, irresistible and exciting along the way. Teachers will shine a light on learning and give Pre-K students a glimpse of what is out there waiting to be found by those with curious minds and brave hearts.

    • INTERNATIONAL DISTRICT - Students will immerse themselves in different cultures by learning about foods, clothing, languages and traditions celebrated around the world.
    • SPACE CITY - Space City will encourage students to use their imagination to explore space, learn about different planets and discover our place in the universe.
    • HEALTHY ME - In the Healthy Me immersive experience, students will learn about their bodies and making healthy choices while participating in park activities, visiting the dentist’s office and preparing healthy meals.
    • GULF COAST - Gulf Coast, which features oceans, wildlife and plant life, teaches students all about our unique region of Texas through environmental science and biology.