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  • Due to the fact that the 2022-2023 TASFA does not open until October 1st, all walkthrough videos are from previous years.


    Please note the correct information below. 

    When filling out the 2022-2023 TASFA

    Time Period

    Tax & Income Data


    Marital Status

    As of that Day

    Household Size

    During 2022-2023

    Number in College

    During 2022-2023

    Assets, Checking, & Savings Accounts

    As of that Day

    Texas Priority Deadline

    January 15, 2022


What is a TASFA Application (via University of Texas, Arlington)

Tips for Completing the TASFA (via Uplift Educaton)

Completing the TASFA - English (via MOSAIEC)

Completing the TASFA - Español