Make the Smart Choice, Choose Alief ISD

  • Quotes from Gelyn Roble, Rachel Obimah and Vincenzo Cox


    Out-of-District Students May Now Enroll in Distinguished Programs

    Through limited open enrollment, your child can now attend Alief ISD’s award-winning schools without residing within the district!

    Alief ISD offers programs that a lot of other districts don’t offer.

    The difference between Alief ISD’s fine STEM programs and other districts? STEM education experiences happen inside and outside of our classrooms and are available to every student. From after school programs to STEM Academies to the Life Sciences Innovative Academy, Alief ISD students have the opportunity to learn STEM principles at every step of their education. The difference between Alief ISD’s health sciences programs and other districts? Alief ISD’s programs are open to any student in the district who is in the health science pathway. Meaning that all students have an opportunity, not just the students who are in the Gifted and Talented program or top in their classes. The difference between Alief ISD’s nationally recognized athletics programs and other district’s? In one of the most diverse school districts in the nation, Alief ISD athletes learn more than just how to play a sport well. They learn about the importance of community service and character.

    Apply today, space is limited! Make the SMART CHOICE, CHOOSE ALIEF ISD!