• Is this the best time to introduce TIA? My concern is that if the already established Teacher Incentive Allotment will be affected this school year due to the COVID-19 virus.

  • My concern is that starting 100% online will affect the results of T-TESS and consequently TIA. What can you tell us about this?

  • Is TIA available for elective teachers?

  • What type of funding will be allocated to campuses?

  • We know that the quality of teachers is commonly based on the quality of teaching or student performance. How will these two be evaluated in this new way of teaching?

  • Will a specific rubric for TIA be created and shared with teachers in a timely manner so we can know what is expected of us?

  • How are campuses designated?

  • What is the definition of calibrate?

  • Will appraisers be trained beyond TTESS?

  • When they are evaluated for 45 minutes, will those appraisals come at different times?

  • Will you ask for feedback from teachers?

  • How will the teacher be able to appeal the evaluation/score?

  • Student growth will be based on formal or informal assessment?

  • How will teachers and student growth be evaluated?

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