Teacher Eligibility and Designations

  • Who is eligible for TIA?

  • What if a designated teacher moves to a non-teaching role?

  • Are designations attached to a particular grade level or subject?

  • Can a teacher's designation change within the five year designation period?

  • What happens after the five year designation period expires?

  • If a designated teacher moves campuses from one school year to the next, will the allotment that teacher generates be recalculated? What if a teacher leaves in the middle of the year?

Funding and Spending

  • What is the funding schedule?

  • Will the campus socio-economic tier data be recalculated every year?

  • Are there limits on the number of teachers that can receive a TIA designation?


  • Cohort E Timeline

  • TIA Happenings 2023-2024

Stakeholder Committees

  • Collaboration with Stakeholders

TIA Contact Information