Wild World
  • The three Alief Early Childhood Centers will be innovative schools for pre-kindergarten children that takes learning beyond the four walls of the classroom.

    The focus of the Childhood centers is to provide hands-on, interactive, purposeful, and playful experiences that builds important background knowledge and vocabulary necessary for kindergarten readiness, as well as success in the later grades.

    Centered around the research that children learn best through active, exploratory experiences, the Early Childhood Centers are structured to provide the following Two villages, Three neighborhoods and Twelve distinct homes -- typically called classrooms:


    • THE DISCOVERY NEIGHBORHOOD – seeks to make it tantalizing, irresistible and exciting along the way. Shine a light on learning and give them a glimpse of what is out there waiting to be found by those with curious minds and brave hearts.  
    • House 1: Space City - NASA, space exploration, planets, astronauts
    • House 2: Gulf Coast - oceans, wildlife/plant life from the Gulf Coast
    • House 3: Healthy Me - All about my body, healthy choices, medical center
    • House 4: International District - Highlight 3 or 4 of the cultures in the district: Latin America, Asia, Middle East, And Africa.


    • THE INQUIRY NEIGHBORHOOD - is built to bring out the urge to investigate, to dig into new experiences and expand knowledge. Encourage children to speak to what they see, examine what they find and you’ll get a good look at learning.
    • Neighborhood B: Inquiry
    • House 1: Pet Vet - vet clinic, taking care of pets at home.
    • House 2: From Farm to Table - farming, growing, market, groceries, restaurant, from farm to table.
    • House 3: Digging Dino's - looking in the past, digging fossils, bones, tools, exploring life science
    • House 4: Wild World - zoo animals, life cycles, habitats, animals from: jungle, rain forest, arctic.


    • THE VOYAGES NEIGHBORHOOD - is meant to help children embrace the things learned along the path. Help enlighten children that everything from preparation and planning to the way you get to where you are going are just as exciting as the end result.
    • Neighborhood C: Voyages
    • House 1: Hidden Forces - science & technology, weather, communications, forces & motion.
    • House 2: Going Places - transportation, travel experiences, journeys, and maps.
    • House 3: Tinker Town  – construction machinery, tools, legos, robotics, architecture.
    • House4: Our Community - community helpers, neighborhood places and jobs.