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    In 1996, in commitment to the safety and well-being of students, Alief ISD started the Prevention Program Coordinators’ Initiative.  The Initiative is designed to help students interact positively and avoid involvement in high risk behaviors.  Each campus selects a staff member who serves as the Prevention Program Coordinator (PPC) and who leads the prevention efforts on his campus.  The PPCs also serve as liaisons between the Prevention and Safe Schools Specialists and their campuses and are a vital link in the overall prevention efforts of the district.  Some of their responsibilities include the following:


    • Serve on the campus Above and Beyond Committee and include prevention in the Campus Action Plan.


    • Share campus offense data with the A & B Committee.


    • Include strategies that reinforce a positive school climate such as relationship building, positive behavior support, abstinence education, dating violence prevention, conflict resolution, drug/alcohol prevention, and bullying/sexual harassment prevention.


    • Attend scheduled PPC meetings. Share training information, survey results, offense data, and prevention resources with campus. If unable to attend, send a representative for your campus.


    • Train campus staff in bully prevention, including Alief ISD’s bully policy, utilizing the PowerPoint provided by the district. Include bully prevention in the CAP.


    • Coordinate annual Red Ribbon Week and incorporate drug prevention into the CAP.


    • Coordinate or aid in coordinating activities such as Aim for Success assemblies, Dating Violence Prevention activities (MS/HS), Friendship/Kindness activities, Boys/Girls Clubs, and Cultural Awareness.


    • Coordinate the Alief Student Assistance Program on their campus.


    Note: PPCs are trained annually on bullying prevention and are provided resources to share with their campuses.  Through the PPC Initiative campuses receive posters with Alief’s Bullying Policy including instructions on how to report bullying.  Each PPC is responsible for their campus students and staff receiving the information through morning announcements, classroom instruction, bulletin boards and posters, videos etc.