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  • If you are an Alief ISD Staff Member that wishes to have access to  pertinent and up-to-date information, virtual training, and other guidance relatd to the purchasing process, than you should join the Purchasing Toolkit Group in Schoology! 

    If you or other members of your team that will benefit from joining this group, you may access the group using the following steps:

    1. Login at with your district username and password.
    2. Click Groups at the top of Schoology.
    3. Select My Groups.
    4. Click Join Group on the right.
    5. Enter the Group Access Code: QFXF-9STJ-HNXN2
    6. Click Join.

    For a more detailed instruction on how to perform this task visit the Guide to Schoology Groups page located in the Schoology Help Center. 

    Image not available; GIF-How to join group