• All About Mr. Budewig


    Did you think that a school would be named after you? Gary Budewig did not, but then his fellow fire-fighters at Houston's Fire Station No. 76 had something different in mind. They nominated him for the new Alief Intermediate School and the rest is history.


                       Mr. Budewig was born on Sept. 24, 1957. He graduated from Alief Hastings High School in 1976. Soon after high school, he joined the Houston firefighting academy. He has been at station No. 76 since 1985. 


                       His son and daughter were all products of Alief also. Gary volunteered as a parent volunteer. Within a year, he was the parent volunteer coordinator. He was also a leader of Alief's Campfire Boys and Girls and as his kids grew older he helped in ROTC and the drama department productions. 


                      He will be visiting Budewig on a regular basis and will be volunteering if necessary. We are really excited to be named after such a great role model.