• Here you will find basic information regarding our available benefits. For more information visit our benefits website www.benefitsolver.com or contact Risk Management.


    WHEN CAN I ENROLL IN BENEFITS? (Online enrollment)

    New Hire:

    Online enrollment must be completed at www.benefitsolver.com within 30 days of employment.

    Current Employee:

    Open Enrollment occurs in July/August of each year with coverage elections beginning September 1st.

    **FYI: Your annual deductible runs calendar year (January - December)



    If you incur a qualifying event which requires a change mid-year, you must contact Risk Management. Below is a list of qualifying events;

    • Marriage, divorce, or legal separation;
    • Gain or loss of an eligible dependent for reasons such as: birth, adoption, court order, disability, death, gain/loss of other coverage, dependent reaching the age limit (26);
    • Spouse losing/gaining coverage
    • Loss of other insurance coverage. (i.e., Medicaid, Chips, Gold card)


    It is your responsibility to contact Risk Management within 30 days of the qualifying event to request a change to your benefits.

    You must provide the Benefits Department with the original documentation that states the qualifying event and the date this event has or will occur. You will also be responsible for going online to www.BenefitSolver.com and request the change in coverage within the 30 days.



    If you are on medical leave we will collect your insurance premiums as long as you receive a paycheck from the district. When you no longer receive a district paycheck then you will receive an invoice to pay your premiums every 15th and 30th from the accounting department. You are responsible to pay your insurance premiums so your coverage stays active.



    All insurance plans end on the last day of the month in which employment ends. You may continue your medical, dental, vision plan for a limited period of time after termination through Federal COBRA continuation. You have the ability to continue supplemental insurance policies by contacting the company directly. Life insurance is portable through Dearborn National; please contact Risk Management to obtain the form.


    **Summer Resignation/Retirement: Please contact Risk Management regarding summer benefit terminations.




    Contact Risk Management at 281-498-8110 ext. 29145 or email riskmgnt@aliefisd.net