AMS students at the District Chess Competition
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  • Powerful learning happens when students engage with the real world and learn from each other. 

    Alief Middle School offers many extra co-curricular activities that students may join.  National organizations, i.e. National Junior Honor Society and Student Council, have active chapters here at our campus.  To name a few, original start-up clubs such as G.E.M.S (Glamorous, Extraordinary, and Marvelous Sisters), Mosaic Club, and ECHO (Ecology, Communities, Humanities, and Organization) teach our students about girl power, etiquette, cultural appreciation and understanding, and preserving Mother Earth by making their own compost, keeping a garden, and selling their plants and produce to our staff members as their fundraiser.

    For the first time ever, our ESL department partnered with an external agency, Catholic Charities, to establish an after school program for our refugee students to help them adapt, learn social skills, practice their English language speaking skills, and overall, provide a safe haven for them while they are adjusting to a new country and life.

    Seventh and eighth graders may participate in UIL-sanctioned sports, i.e. football, volleyball, basketball, track and field, tennis, etc.  Other sports offered are baseball, softball, and soccer.  Our mighty and award-winning cheerleaders perform annually at the Houston Rockets’ Halftime Show and continue to bring back trophies and accolades from various competitions and performances.

    By learning together, beyond walls, and across borders, we are helping our students become global citizens who make positive contributions to our interconnected society.

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