Teacher guiding students in whole group lesson
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  • Petrosky Elementary diligently works toward our school vision of each student reaching their fullest potential as a learner.  We provide 21st century learning opportunities that connect to the global society needs of problem-solving and critical thinking.

    STEM careers continue to lead the way in our local and international communities; we remain in partnership with BGE and Girlstart.  These organizations join with our school to facilitate a variety of building, programming, and designing explorations for 4th grade boys and girls.  Students in grades K-4 visit the campus Innovation Design Room twice a month.  During the visits collaboration and problem-solving is encouraged as students follow schematic plans and/or participate in open-ended engineering sessions that allow students to extend their creativity and produce innovative structures. 

    As an AVID campus, we teach our students organization, note taking, goal setting and time management skills. 

    Petrosky continues to invest in developing young leaders who will be equipped to lead, join forces, and work as productive members of our society!

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