Boys Robotics Club working with community volunteers
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  • Extra/Co-Curricular Activities and Fine arts education play an important role in the development of a well-rounded student.

    STEM careers continue to lead the way in our local and international communities; we remain in partnership with BGE and Girlstart.  These organizations join our school to facilitate a variety of building, programming, and designing explorations for 4th grade boys and girls.

    Petrosky Pirates participate in a variety of music and art activities to promote fine arts and foster a love for art and music.

    Attending a Houston Symphony performance at Jones Hall, Glee club, Honor Choir, and our December Musical Performance are some of the activities. 

    Outstanding works of art were selected to represent our school in numerous local and regional competitions. Ongoing campus exhibits and the Alief ISD Administration Building Art display showcased student artwork reinforcing the Elements of art and the Principles of Design, as well as quality work throughout the creative process.

    Our clubs provide student’s opportunities to build relationships with others and learn the value of taking part in an organization.

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