AMS students in ECHO
C rating


  • We are challenged to teach our students what they will need for life and careers in today’s world.  We pride ourselves in developing meaningful relationships by fostering a passion for life-long learning.

    Our campus vision and mission are aligned with decisions made by our campus leadership team, which are student-centered to lead to student success.  Our instructional leadership team meets, collaborates, and creates plans to support teachers and enhance student learning.  Our administrative team meets weekly to discuss teacher evaluations and concerns to establish consistency amongst administrators.  Mentors are assigned to new teachers to provide support.  Mentors participate in monthly meetings with the designated administrator and counselor. 

    Our master schedule allows specialists/department chairs and their respective content area teachers to plan together during their conference periods.  Campus-wide programs are implemented via the instructional leadership team to provide tutorials for students.  All teachers are required to serve on a committee or an organization to provide extracurricular opportunities for the students.  Thus, many extracurricular activities are available, which cater to all segments of our student body.   

    There are processes in place to ensure staff and student safety, and any disciplinary issues are handled in a consistent and timely manner.  Our Student Advisory Committee meets monthly with the principal to discuss challenges and solutions.

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