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  • Alief Hastings High School is proud to offer an array of experiences to students. The campus is dedicated to providing enriching opportunities in Art, Technology, UIL Academics, UIL Athletics as well as through other student organizations.  Through these opportunities, students are allowed to explore a broad and diverse set of creative and thoughtful processes by which they can transfer prior learning into new and valuable ideas, concepts and innovations. Alief Hastings High School is committed to making a difference to our students, so they have exposure to real-world experiences that could potentially open the door(s) into college and career readiness.

    Alief Hastings High School offers the following Extra/Co-curricular courses/organizations at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. Opportunities for students include:

    • Debate, Journalism, Theatre Arts, Yearbook
    • Big Bear Band, Cheerleading, Golden Brigade Drill Team
    • Orchestra, Piano, Photography
    • AVID, PALS, SAT Scholars
    • National Art Honor Society, National Honor Society, National Spanish Honor Society
    • Sculpture, Ceramics, Jewelry, Drawing, Painting
    • Digital/Electronic Media, AP 2D Design, AP 3D Design
    • and many more...

    Our goal is to provide rich, authentic experiences in students in a wide variety of fields.

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