cello players at Winter Showcase
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  • Youngblood Intermediate gives students many opportunities to display their talents in fine arts as well as extra-curricular clubs.  Students have the opportunity to participate in art, band, choir, orchestra classes or before and after-school activities.  Art students learn basic art techniques to produce different pieces of art for various art shows and competitions throughout the year.  Choir students learn general music theory as well as good vocal production techniques.  Members of band and orchestra learn general music history, to read and write music, how to play an instrument, and performance etiquette.  All music groups perform in various concerts for the school and community throughout the year.  Various clubs meet throughout the school year. Students apply or try out for the various clubs.

           Fine Arts


    ·         Band

    ·         Sports-Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Soccer

    ·         Orchestra

    ·         YB Diamonds

    ·         Choir

    ·         YB Gentlemen

    ·         Tech

    ·         YB Angels- Dance

    ·         Art

    ·         Cheerleaders

    ·         PE

    ·         Girls in STEM

    ·         Science Enrichment

    ·         Knitting


    ·         Yearbook


    ·         WPBN- Wildcat Pride Broadcasting Network


    ·         Drama


    ·         YB Steppers


    ·         Math Olympiads


    ·         Numbers Alive


    ·         Battle of the Books

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