• AECHS does not have a full-scale Fine Arts program.  Art is offered as an embedded Dual Credit course at AECHS and taught by an HCC instructor.  HCC sets limits on enrollment so only 25 students are enrolled in Art per year at AECHS.  However, HCC/AECHS students may enroll in additional HCC Fine Art classes depending on their Associate degree plan (Ex:  Art 2D, Art Appreciation, Art History, Art II, Electronic Media, Digital Art, Music Fundamentals, Music History, Dance Fundamentals, Dance History.)  Although there is no Fine Arts program at AECHS, several clubs and organizations offer dance, music, and theatrical opportunities for our students such as the Choir Club, Latin Dance, and Hip Hop Club, and Speech and Debate.  Each year there is a Talent Show to showcase our students’ talents.  Our Speech/Debate students have performed in 6 Tournaments this year and placed 2nd overall or won Sweepstakes in each tournament.  In fact, 8 students earned enough points to qualify for the State Speech/Debate Tournament.  For Performance Measure 1-4, AECHS will need to score as N/A.  One performance level 5 AECHS will rate itself as Acceptable because our Art students have made three field trips to Houston Area Museums this year and our Engineering Design class visited the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

    AECHS Extra/Co-Curricular ratings