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  • The Miller Community is composed of educators, parents, and business owners, whom all work together to enhance the school and community. Opportunities such as Parent Night and Meet the Teacher at the beginning of the school year begin the building of relationships. Content Night continues relationship building by encouraging academic achievement.  Orchestra, Band, Theater and Choir performances both during the day and in the evening are provided so all parents can participate in the accomplishments of their child. The Miller community, Mission Bend United Methodist Church, Shell Energy, and the Houston Food Bank, provide Thanksgiving baskets, uniforms, weekly backpacks of food and school supplies.  Community engagement is a reciprocated and our students support the community by participating in various fundraisers such as toiletries for the nursing home, necessities for orphanages abroad, and the annual March of Dimes Fundraiser.  Student engagement and success is achieved when all parts of the community are working together towards the same goal.

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