During a fun STEM activity, students collaborate to design and create boats
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  • Chancellor Elementary takes great pride in building a culture of leadership and learning each and every day! Our students are involved in a variety of clubs and organizations related to their interests, and have the opportunity to flourish in a variety of ways, allowing them to become well-rounded young adults as they leave us for middle school.  Chancellor also works to make our climate a positive and open environment for our families and our staff.  We have events throughout the year celebrating each other, and we love to come together for both academics and fun!  From our Father-Daughter dance to our AVID presentation days to our all-school character or vocabulary parades, we have a great time learning and building relationships.  College and career readiness from an early age is one of our main goals, and we have events throughout the year related to learning about future careers and how to get there.  From our "You have the power to be somebody" talks on announcements, to our attendance popsicle parties, to our intermediate Career Day presentations, to college field trip visits, our students learn so much about what the future may hold for them if they set goals and have a growth mindset about what they can do.

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