Budewig Students creating a 3d model
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  • Academics

    Budewig Intermediate provides an engaging and challenging experience for all students. Our AVID, STEM, and Advanced Academics programs encourage critical thinking and creativity. 


    All Budewig Intermediate teachers incorporate AVID strategies in their daily instruction. AVID is a nationally recognized academic support program designed to prepare students who are in the academic middle for college eligibility and success. 


    Budewig students are frequently exposed to STEM curriculum. STEM curriculum utilizes a model of blended learning that aims to give students the opportunity to experience different ways of learning and problem-solving.

    Advanced Academics 

    Fifth and sixth grade Gifted students participate in Alief's AIMS program. Budewig's AIMS programs provide differentiated instruction and opportunities for students to elaborate, think originally, and think flexibly.

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