Supporting My AVID Student

  • Get answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Why do AVID students have to take advanced coursework? My student is not in the elective, how are they benefiting? How does AVID align with the TEKS?

    Ways to help your student at home:

    Showing Interest in His/Her Progress

    • Talk to your student about school.
    • Be aware of your student's classes and his/her performance in each. Praise your student's strengths, and help him/her find ways to improve in areas of weakness.
    • Ask to look at your student's binder.
    • Review your student's tutorial request forms to see what kinds of questions he/she is asking in class.
    • Find out who your student's friends are.
    • Be enthusiastic and supportive. Your student's participation in AVID will keep him/her motivated and excited at outreaching the goal of attending a four-year college or university.

    Encouraging Good Study Habits

    • Provide a quiet place free of noise and distractions where your student can study and do his/her homework.
    • Show that you care by asking your student what topic(s) he/she is studying in a particular class.
    • Be positive and give praise when your student takes notes.
    • Be an audience for your student-listen as he/she recites or shares what he/she is reading.
    • Ask questions to help your student clarify or think more deeply about what he/she is reading.
    • Volunteer to help your student prepare for tests by asking the questions he/she has written from lecture or textbook notes.