• Hours of Operation


    • The Holmquist Library is usually open daily from 8:00 to 2:45.
    • Students visit the library every one to two weeks with their class. 
    • Students may also visit using hall passes- see your teacher for pass hours. 
    • Parents are welcome to visit whenever the library is open, and may request an account to check out up to 5 library books.


    Animation of student carrying books and backpack

  •   Checking Out Books


     The number of library books students check out is based on their grade level:

    • Pre-K- students check out one book and leave it at school
    • Kinder- students check out one book, during the year students will learn how to take books home, check with your child's teacher
    • 1st grade- students check out one book in the fall and transition to 2 books in the spring, they may take books home
    • 2nd-4th grade- students check out 2 books and may take them home
    • Some students/classes may check out additional books as needed for specific classroom purposes
  • Caution symbol  Book Return Policy Caution symbol


    All students and parents are responsible for the books they check out.  Any checked out materials must be returned in good condition and in a timely manner.  Students and parents with books out for one week or more may not check out additional materials until they return or pay for the overdue items. Lost materials must be paid for so that they can be replaced.  Our library does not charge overdue fines.