Technology in the Science Classroom

Digital Learning

  • For the 2018 school year, Mahanay teachers have worked hard to implement schoology and to have lessons in which students can interact with several forms of technology and promote digital citizenship.  All teachers are Level 1 proficient. Teachers continue to use all training where they learned how to write lesson plans to integrate action based learning activities and use various devices. The students and teachers have been collaborating and communicating both locally and globally via digital tools and through video conferencing, including Read Around the Planet and other TWICE connections.  We also highly encourage the use of Twitter as another avenue of Technology integration. 

    Mahanay teachers demonstrated various programs and databases, explained how they are beneficial for children, and informed parents about other forms of technology that we use. Mahanay staff continues to actively participate and develop in technology integration of digital resources and tools to extend and enrich their knowledge and practice.