Mahanay Pep Group working to solve a problem

Gifted & Talented

  • Every teacher at Mahanay Elementary School that services students who qualify for our gifted education program has met or exceeded their required 30 hours of professional development in the area of gifted education. 

    This year we hosted three family events including our Gifted Information Night, and two GT showcases.

    Our 3rd grade Quest group participated in a district-wide bridge building challenge and our 4th grade Quest group did an 18 week long integrated project to discover just how much math is really in our daily lives.  Our PEP (K-2) group researched fairy tales and have created STEM inventions to help our fairy tale characters get out of trouble.

    At Mahanay, we are proud of our Gifted Program.  We work to bring engaging research lessons to our students; ones that foster a love of continual learning while embedding real life research skills to help them with future learning beyond our school building.