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21st Century Workforce

  • Mahanay students participate in many character education lessons with the counselor throughout the year. Lesson topics include but are not limited to:  Respect, Bully Prevention, Kindness, Integrity, Perseverance, Tolerance / “No Place For Hate” and Safety. Mahanay also provides Mentor groups for students who need assistance with goal setting, motivation, self-esteem and behavior control.  Staff members also participate in the Mentor/mentee program.

    Mahanay hosts a Boys Club “Mahanay Gents” and a Girls Club “PEARL” for students in grades 3 and 4. They meet with a club sponsor monthly/bimonthly, respectively, to discuss various topics including (respect, manners, etiquette, hygiene, community and service projects, etc.). The Boys and Girls Club programs culminated with field trips, Saturday conferences and service projects.

    Students who exhibited ‘Star Student’ Behavior are recognized in our weekly in the parent newsletter, on morning announcements and on the big bulletin board.