•  Bullying is not tolerated in Alief ISD, and together we will work to see that it comes to an end.



    Students are prohibited from initiating or engaging in any type of bullying, harassing, cyberbullying or sexting, whether in person, on or off campus, electronically, individually, in concert with others, or towards another student for the purposes of subjecting such student to humiliation, intimidation, physical abuse, threats of abuse, social or other ostracism, shame, disgrace and are prohibited from encouraging or assisting any other person in the act of bullying, harassing, cyberbullying and sexting.


    Cyberbullying- David’s Law

    According to David’s Law , cyberbullying means bullying arising from a pattern of acts that is done through the use of an electronic communication device, including a cellular or other type of telephone, a computer, a camera, electronic mail, instant messaging, text messaging, social media application, an internet website or any other internet based communication tool.  This bullying may occur at an non-school related event or property but may be counted as cyberbullying if it interferes with the student’s educational opportunities or disrupts the order of operations of a classroom, school or school related activity


    Reporting Bullying

    If you or anyone you know someone is being bullied, tell a teacher, counselor, nurse, principal, or other district employee. You may complete a bully report in the front office. You may report anonymously through the “Let’s Talk” tab found to the right on this web page and on the Alief  ISD webpage.