• Bob Fulbright, District STEM Facilitator

    I am developing a STEM network for the students and staff of Alief ISD by actively collaborating with the Texas Education Agency, Educate Texas, higher education institutions, industries, other T-STEM Academies, and nonprofits involved in STEM in order to assist campuses and the district with planning and executing STEM conferences, showcases, STEM nights, orientation, and write curricula for all content.

    Dr. Gelyn Roble, Science K-6 Coordinator

    In my role as elementary and intermediate science coordinator, I work with district and campus leadership teams in promoting interdisciplinary STEM strategies into the core curriculum. I collaborate with colleges and universities to build teacher capacity in promoting scientific literacy and in the successful implementation of problem-based learning. I network with public, private, and non-profit organizations at the local, state, and national level to help bring meaningful and relevant STEM opportunities for teachers and students in Alief ISD.

    Dr. Karen Jacobs, Secondary Science Coordinator

    I partner with area superintendents, principals, district coordinators, interventionists, campus STEM coordinators, and campus staff to identify program needs, align, develop and implement pacing guides, lessons, problem and project-based learning, and assessments.

    Dr. Betty George, District K-6 Science Strategist

    As the K-6 Science Interventionist at Alief ISD, I work very closely with the K-6 Science Coordinator, Dr. Gelyn Roble to continue to build scientific literacy, STEM, and technology integration into the science classroom.  It is our focus to prepare students to be future leaders in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics by providing them with opportunities to participate in hands-on learning and literacy rich activities.

    Tasha Thomas, Secondary Science Interventionist

    I have a strong working knowledge of research-based STEM instructional practices, especially those that work best with highly diverse populations. My role is to actively participate in STEM core content planning, and design interventions for students who struggle in STEM coursework and for those who advance early.