• The Alief STEM Academy began in the 2015-16 school year at Killough Middle School, Olle Middle School, and Alief Early College High School. Using a school-within-a-school model, approximately three hundred seventh grade students and one hundred ninth-graders joined twenty-five teachers in our inaugural year. The following year we increased our enrollment to nearly nine hundred students when our middle schools added eighth grade to the academy, and our high school added the tenth grade. To start the 2017-18 school year, Alief STEM Academy added sixth-grade academies at Klentzman Intermediate School and Youngblood Intermediate School, and eleventh grade at Alief Early College High School. For 2018-19, we have added four Elementary campuses to our STEM Academy, the Life Sciences Innovative Academy for Pharmacy Technician or Construction Technology, and twelfth grade to our high school offering. In 2019-20, Alief STEM added four Elementary campuses (Alexander, Hicks, Horn, and Smith Elementary).

    2020-21 UPDATE

    Alief STEM continues to grow and is proud to welcome two more campuses:

    • Hearne Elementary
    • Heflin Elementary