The Alief STEM Experience

  • The Alief STEM Academy experience happens inside and outside of our classrooms.

    In the classroom, the Alief STEM Academy focuses on curriculum and instruction to implement its STEM experience. Thoughtful, skillful teachers who have an understanding of how STEM knowledge and skills are applied in the workplace are the backbone to delivering innovative STEM instruction across elementary and secondary classrooms. They drive differentiated, integrated STEM learning experiences, and develop and deliver hands-on, project-based instruction for learners of all ages.

    Outside of the classroom, informal STEM learning is just as important as formal classroom STEM learning. Afterschool opportunities increase student confidence and classroom achievement in STEM and generate student interest in pursuing STEM studies and careers. The Alief STEM Academy has afterschool programs, summer camps, and in-school activities provided by a community-based organization or volunteers. They also include participation in activities at institutions such as science museums, zoos, parks, local universities, and research centers.