• Crossroads Mode of Dress



    • Solid white polo without logos.
    • Must be tucked in.
    • Collarless sweater. White only. No pockets. No zipper. No hoodie. No designs.


    • Solid black, navy, or khaki.
    • Black or brown belt. No hanging belts. No cloth.
    • Not tight fitting.
    • Joggers, cargo pants, or pants with extra pockets are not allowed.
    • No jeans.


    • Must be all black or all white.
    • Laces must match the shoe color.


    • Only 1 pair of solid white or solid black socks.
    • Only 1 undershirt. White or black. No logos.
    • No shorts allowed under pants.
    • No leggings under pants.
    • Make sure bras do not show through shirt.


    • No house shoes, slides, flip-flops, or high heels.
    • No jewelry, earrings, or watches.
    • No metal, plastic, or wooden hair clips. All hair ties must be ALL black or ALL white.
    • No head wraps.
    • No bandanas.
    • No wallets.