Photo of the 2017 Taylor valedictorian

Alief Taylor HS Valedictorian

  • Vivian Duong
    Alief Taylor High School - Valedictorian

    Cornell University
    Major: Biology

    “I love science and my ultimate goal is to pursue a PhD/MD degree and have a career where I am able to help people. I find helping people tremendously rewarding.”

Photo of the 2017 Hastings valedictorian

Hastings HS Valedictorian

  • Jelilat Odubayo
    Hastings High School - Valedictorian

    Carleton College
    Major: Environmental Science

    “I want to pursue a career in environmental law to correct and prevent environmental injustices that threaten our right to clean, pure and beautiful air, water and more.”

Photo of the 2017 Taylor Salutatorian

Alief Taylor HS Salutatorian

  • Estafania Rodriguez
    Alief Taylor High School - Salutatorian

    University of Texas
    Major: Journalism

    “I want to become a journalist so that I can help raise awareness on topics that aren’t covered by the mainstream media as well as change the increasing problem of biased and fake news.”

Photo of the 2017 Elsik valedictorian

Elsik HS Valedictorian

  • Amina Mabizari
    Elsik High School - Valedictorian

    Yale University
    Major: Political Science/Economics

    “I want to become a lawyer and fight for my community. I may even run for office one day.”

Photo of the 2017 Kerr Valedictorian

Kerr HS Valedictorian

  • Khiem Tran
    Kerr High School - Valedictorian

    University of Texas
    Major: Business

    “By becoming a pediatrician, I hope to help kids in need. I plan to focus on healthcare for the needy because everyone in America deserves free healthcare regardless of their status in society.”

Photo of the 2017 AECHS  Salutatorian

Alief Early College HS Salutatorian

  • Bao-Khang Ngo
    Alief Early College High School -

    University of Texas
    Major: Biochemistry

    “I saw so many sufferings around me while living in Vietnam. That drove me to want to become a doctor and save people through a pair of gifted hands.”

Photo of the 2017 Kerr Salulatorian
  • Danny Phan
    Kerr High School - Salutatorian

    University of Houston
    Major: Biology

    “I want to be a doctor and open up my own clinic. I want to prove that I can do anything and what better way than to tackle one of the toughest career paths.”

Photo of the 2017 AECHS valedictorian

Alief Early College HS Valedictorian

  • Osmay Pardias
    Alief Early College High School -

    Duke University
    Major: Statistics

    “Civil engineers use creativity and problem solving hand in hand to leave visible impacts on communities. I hope to help my community to have better and cheaper access to resources.”

Photo of the 2017 Hastings Salutatorian

Hastings HS Salutatorian

  • Zubaidat Agboola
    Hastings High School - Salutatorian

    Rice University
    Major: Biochemistry/Cell Biology

    “I believe in charity, the power of medicine, education and humanity. That’s why I would like to work as a pharmacist and later as a cellular, tissue and genetic engineer, helping to ensure access to superior healthcare.”

Photo of the 2017 Elsik Salutatorian
  • Thanh Nguyen
    Elsik High School - Salutatorian

    Texas A&M University
    Major: Engineering

    “I believe that engineers are heroes because they solve problems by designing innovative products. I aspire to develop creative and groundbreaking procedures that will make people’s lives better and safer.”