• Title 1 Information

    Our school operates a Schoolwide Title I, Part A Program. The following FAQs are designed to build your awareness of our campus’ Title I Program and the benefits for all of our students.

    What is Title I, Part A?
    • Title I, Part A is a federal program designed to help all students meet the state’s challenging academic performance standards. Schoolwide Title I Programs provide supplemental funds that are used to improve the educational program of the entire school.

    What are the benefits of a Schoolwide Title I program
    Schools may provide additional:
    • Instructional services, such as intervention or tutoring
    • Teachers to support instructional services
    • Educational materials to improve instruction
    • Professional development for teachers and support staff
    • Parent involvement opportunities

    How can parents participate in Title I programs?
    All parents at Title I Schoolwide campuses are encouraged to:
    • Provide input and offer feedback on the Title I program
    • Participate in the development of School-Parent Compacts and Parent Involvement Policies
    • Receive information regarding the curriculum in use at the school
    • Receive information regarding the forms of academic assessment used to measure student progress
    • Receive information regarding the proficiency levels that students are expected to meet in order to be academically successful.

    What other opportunities for parent involvement are available on Title Schoolwide campuses?
    • Parent workshops and parent-child interactive sessions designed to help parents support their children’s academic progress
    • Materials and resources to support learning at home
    • Opportunities to participate on campus and district level committees